Analytics made easy

By removing the hassle of coding, Tableau provides NYP educators more time to teach its students critical thinking skills on data visualisation and how to solve business problems.

By Nurdianah Md Nur
Aug. 3, 2016

Given the positive response, Tableau is now used in five modules within the DBA course. Additionally, NYP is incorporating Tableau into the evening business and big data classes offered to working adults, as well as holiday courses for secondary school students.  

Dr Koh added that Tableau is no longer just a teaching tool at NYP. Her colleagues are currently using Tableau to track students' performance, enrollment numbers, and even student stress levels by analysing data from wearable fitness devices.

When asked to suggest improvements to Tableau, Dr Koh replied that she "would like to see built-in regression, text mining and profiling analytics features" in future versions of the tool. This is because such features within the Tableau platform currently require scripting in R.

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