Digitising the physical space to enhance citizen’s experience

By leveraging video analytics and IoT, smart agencies can understand and analyse people data to optimise processes, says Allen Lin, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Trakomatic.

By Kareyst Lin
Dec. 2, 2016

By leveraging on video analytics and the Internet-of-Things (IoT), we can change the way we learn about and understand people. These technologies can also empower smart agencies by tracking premises and optimising processes, said Allen Lin, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Trakomatic.

He was speaking at a keynote presentation at the inaugural GCIO Forum, held on 24 November 2016 in Singapore.

In a Smart Nation like Singapore, there are sensors and cameras in most buildings and retail stores. However, 98 percent of these video footages remain unseen because it is just too expensive for human beings to vet through the content, according to Lin.

If government agencies could tap into the existing infrastructure, by leveraging on tools like video analytics, they would be able to collect data about the physical space. These information include the number of people who fall down, who are on wheelchair, the demographics, and how much time people spend in a place.

"These are the kind of information that enables the agencies to provide better services," Lin asserted. For example, agencies can use the technology to measure the space utilisation to obtain crowd density measurements. This would allow the agencies to plan their resources according to peak or off-peak hours, and hot or cold zones.

The data can also be shared with consumers and customers, or in the case of government agencies, the citizens or general public.

For example, information like the crowd density and sitting occupancy for a public library can be shared, via an online platform, to the students. These data not only help the library to manage their resources, but can also be useful to the students in terms of decision-making, so that they would not end up making futile trips to the library.

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