Gartner outlines building blocks of a digital government

Research agency Gartner has outlined four building blocks for a confident and reilient digital government.

By CIO India
Nov. 15, 2016

Implementing 'fail fast' approaches by backing agile delivery practices with formal reviews at crucial states by executive leaders ensures there is an ongoing dialogue on risk, and an opportunity for executive leaders to feel they are closely involved.

"The CIO must actively translate the needs and concerns of the organization's executives into tangible goals for the delivery teams," said Rick Holgate, research director at Gartner. This means being aware of the changing external influences on the program, while managing the risk expectations and concerns at the highest levels of organizational leadership. "Maintaining an ongoing dialogue on risk should allow the CIO to keep the digital government program on track, and build confidence that any setbacks are under control and within expectations," concluded Holgate.

Source: CIO India

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