Getting big on big data and analytics in 2017

Industry experts share their thoughts on the notable things in the field of big data and analytics last year, as well as tips on how APAC businesses can fully leverage such tools in 2017.

By Adrian M. Reodique
Jan. 3, 2017

As businesses collect and turn important data into insights, Kim underscored the importance of securing it against threats. "More access to data also means that organisations may be more exposed to data leaks and security breaches, and organisations should pay heed to shoring up and developing new security measures."

He added: "Furthermore, competition for data talent among organisations is expected to increase - the shortage of big data-related talent is one of the major obstacles for APAC organisations as data analytics becomes a mandatory core competency for professionals." As such, he advised organisations to focus on "building up their existing expertise with new training priorities, refining their recruitment processes to target talent with cloud and big data analytics experience, and exploring the feasibility of adopting self-service data analytics and visualisation tools that are both easy to use and powerful."

When it comes to new technologies that will affect big data and analytics in 2017, Phua said that businesses in the region will adopt more chatbots as it become more intelligent with different applications of machine learning.

"More businesses will use deep learning to crunch multimedia data, and adopt automatic data science tools to minimise certain aspects of their data scientists' work," Phua added.

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