How Adobe uses machine learning to drive marketing success

Adobe's new data science tool, Segment Comparison for Analysis Workspace, leverages machine learning to help marketers uncover the key characteristics of the audience segments driving KPIs.

By Thor Olavsrud
Aug. 18, 2016

By identifying the key characteristics of the audience segments that are most significant to a brand, Paulsen says marketers can better understand the behavior that drives positive interaction, sharing and conversions.

Once Segment Comparison is trained on your data — which takes virtually no time at all for existing Adobe customers because it can access historical data — Smith says brands can use it to complete a comprehensive segment analysis within minutes with just a few mouse clicks, comparing every dimension, metric or data point between any two segments and automatically discovering the most significant differences between them.

"This is going to be probably our fastest-adopted feature once it rolls out and hits the market," Smith says.

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