Singapore further aids SMEs’ digital transformation

Besides providing funding and advice, the republic will also launch a Data Innovation Programme Office (DIPO) to facilitate data-driven innovation projects.

By Nayela Deeba
March 7, 2017

To address those issues, DIPO will introduce a Data Sandbox, a platform that allows companies to "share data securely without threatening their individual interest", said Dr Janil. The sandbox will also provide organisations with analytics tools for data science.

As privacy is a key concern when it comes to collecting, using or storing data, Dr Janil shared that the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) will develop Data Protection starter kits to help SMEs kickstart data protection practices within their companies.

PDPC will also engage SMEs through Trade Associations and Chambers, and sector-specific forums; as well as provide more affirmative guidance to give certainty and clarity on what is permissible. 

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