Singapore’s Edge Digital leverages data analytics tool to better serve clients

The Singaporean start-up is now able to make better decisions in a shorter amount of time.

By Nayela Deeba
Sept. 14, 2016

Microsoft Power BI custom visualizations

Singapore digital marketing start-up, Edge Digital, has adopted Tableau's data analytics tool to serve its clients better.

Edge Digital helps clients solve or avoid ad fraud issues that creep into the relatively new digital-advertising space. Given its lean team, Edge Digital had to constantly consider resource-allocation time, manpower, and costs to ensure they were staying efficient and productive.

"We needed a reliable tool that can quickly and easily help us solve big data challenges for both our company and clients. I was looking for something without complex theories or the need for engineering support," said Founder of  Edge Digital, Lai Tuck Weng.

Within days of integrating Tableau into his existing work platform, Edge Digital was able to quickly gather insights. This helped foster better relations with clients and other marketing firms. For instance, a client request which usually took more than half a day was now answered within five minutes.

"The speed to insight and data visualisations really give the business a competitive edge. Not all competitors within the ever-changing industry are aware how much of a difference it would make to their business," added Weng.

Edge Digital has purchased two seats of Tableau Desktop and the team has fully adopted day- to-day market research and analysis work, since its two-year integration.

Overall, Tableau has enhanced productivity and solved business problems revolving around data.