The Ministry of Defence plans to apply predictive analytics to its weapons and vehicles

Mike Stone says that he can “foresee a day” when all of their weaponry can be tracked in real time to better plan for maintenance and ammunition dumps

By Scott Carey
Sept. 30, 2016

Stone is working with weapons manufacturers to work out "the last responsible moment to decide what information systems are needed on a weapons platform, so that we stand a good chance of having information capabilities that aren't past their sell by date."

Real time decision support

"What I am really keen to be able to do is to get to very near to real time decision support," Stone said.

"So that our decision making is properly informed, so that we have been able to model through in rapid time and almost in the blink of an eye various courses of action and come up with the optimum response."

When asked what sort of timeline he was working to Stone said: "There would be people that would say 20 years, I think we should be in a position to do that in five years, and elements of that much quicker. What it requires us to do is to get the appropriate sensors and connectivity to allow us to do that."

Stone has spoken about his interest in similar technology to Google Glass in the past and it is possible to imagine the sci-fi possibility of a soldier being fed real time decision advice via Google Glass while in the field.

As Stone said towards the end of our conversation: "The biggest constraint today is not technology, technology is coming at us at a pace that is unbelievable, it is our imagination. We have got to imagine what it is we are able, or want to do and by the very fact of imagining it we create the use cases for the technology."

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