What it takes to realise smart cities

Orange Business Services' Dr Helmut Reisinger shares with us the requirements and challenges of smart cities.

By Nurdianah Md Nur
Aug. 2, 2016

Moving forward, how will Orange further support smart cities?
According to Navigant Research, the business opportunities for companies in the IoT sector are huge, with the annual smart city investment in technology alone set to quadruple to US$11.3 billion by 2023. At Orange, we have observed that the smart cities market is shifting from a previously fragmented and opportunistic approach, towards one that utilises a fully integrated strategy. Now, city driven integrated strategies are emerging, with broad requirements to help in monitoring public areas, allocating city resources, promoting access to the city's information, and involving residents in the decision making process.

We have been working closely with the Orange Group's innovation arm to develop the technologies that will bring about smart territories. The Orange Group is investing about 700 million Euros per annum in pure R&D, with a significant focus on smart technologies. As a major integrator and operator, we also work closely with key players and startups to build innovative and fully integrated solutions that meet the needs of the city's inhabitants, and those who manage its public services. We believe that innovation and co-innovation are key to translating new ideas into meaningful services, and will continue to spearhead the move towards smart cities.

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