Who runs the workplace? Millennials

With millennials set to take over the workplace soon, what should businesses keep in mind when designing the workplace of the future? F5 Networks' Kunacillan Nallappan shares his thoughts.

5. Cloud-high: In an era of low censorship and freedom of information, not only do open-minded millennials consume large amounts of data, they also thrive on sharing and storing information. As they increasingly post images on Facebook and upload documents into Google Drive or Dropbox, most do not realise they are already their own chief cloud officers for private cloud usage. Incorporate a mix of public and private cloud so that they are inspired to innovate.  

Millennials are starting their domination in the world of work. But even as they are increasingly taking up senior management positions, they want the flexibility to be able to make business decisions wherever they are-be it the boardroom or bedroom. Be sure to keep this savvy bunch equipped with the environment tools they need to succeed, so they can be more engaged with the organisations that aim to go faster, smarter, and safer.

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