4 LinkedIn messaging tips for career builders

Whether you're an IT pro seeking a new opportunity, an up-and-comer on the lookout for a mentor or a veteran who wants to build out a network of colleagues, these four messaging etiquette tips detail the right (and wrong) way to communicate on LinkedIn.

By Kristin Burnham
May 30, 2016

If you're polishing or updating your LinkedIn profile to prepare for a new job search, recommendations from former colleagues are some of the most impactful additions, according to Williams. It's ideal to ask your current manager for such a recommendation right after you complete a successful project, but that's not always possible. 

When reaching out to former managers for recommendations after the fact, ask them to comment on your ability to perform in certain situations and provide specific examples, Williams says. "Feel free to send over bullets for them to use as inspiration," she says. "You want these references to speak to your range as an employee."

It's also a good idea to request recommendations that speak to the specific responsibilities required for the job you're trying to land, according to Angove. "If you apply for a software development position, ask your manager to talk about writing and delivering code because that's most applicable to the job," he says.

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