8 tips for organising your workspace

Feeling overwhelmed and disorganized? Here's how to start the year off with a clean and organised workspace.

By Sharon Florentine
Jan. 26, 2017

If you never use those paper notebooks or printouts, why are they taking up valuable desk real estate? Instead, think about the office supplies that work to make you more productive, not less. "Using the Pomodoro system? Invest in a beautiful timer to help you stay inspired. More of a visual type? Make space for a desktop calendar to keep you on track," Lee says.

7. Find a home for your gadgets

These days, we all have many screens competing for our attention. To stay productive and on-task, create a "home" for your smartphone, smartwatch, and other potentially distracting gadgets; a dedicated drawer or shelf can help keep you focused at your computer so you won't be sidelined by a constant stream of notifications, Lee says.

8. Increase desk storage

Finally, make the most of your desk space storing more on or under your desk with tools like a monitor riser, Lee says. Store your favorite electronics, tools, and supplies within arm's reach and other supplies, gadgets and less-often-used items where they are easily accessible but not cluttering up valuable workspace.

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