Core Govt agencies in NZ signal cloud payroll shift

Central Agency Shared Services gets ready to dump 25-year-old payroll software.

By Rob O'Neill
June 12, 2017

A subsequent report by EY delivered a healthier report card.

At the time CASS was established, it said, there was a larger and longer negative productivity dip than was anticipated, caused by loss of staff and institutional knowledge and unforeseen issues with the state of some of the inherited functions.

However, a number of interviewees reported the quality of services they receive from CASS had improved significantly as expertise in the four functions was built, vacancies filled and staff became embedded in CASS.

"Greater understanding of the unique requirements of each the three agencies was observed, and CASS staff were more visible on agency sites. There was positive feedback about the commitment of CASS staff and the leadership of the CASS director."

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