Defending against the new wave of cybersecurity threats

Experts at the Computerworld Singapore Security Summit highlight the current and upcoming cyber threats, and share tips on how to counteract them.

Chai Chin Loon, senior director, cybersecurity group, GovTech Singapore, added that IT professionals should ensure that applications are secure by design. As for security specialists, they should test and ensure that applications are well-secured and compliant with security policies.

Meanwhile, Christian Karam, director, Cyber Threat Intelligence, UBS, encouraged IT/security teams to adopt a security model based on "observe, orient, decide and act" to prevent cyber attacks. He also recommended organisations to "track the attacker's actions/patterns and share that information with the community."

Besides prevention, IT/security professionals should also be able to respond and follow up on cyber security incidents. "Different types of organisations will require different levels of maturity in cybersecurity incident response. Consequently, the level of maturity your organisation has in cyber security response should be reviewed in context and compared to your actual requirements for such a capability," said Steven Wong, associate professor and programme director, Singapore Institute of Technology.

He thus recommended organisations to use the CREST Cyber Security Incident Response Maturity Assessment Tool, to better understand what they need to do to improve.

Given the complexities of cybersecurity, it is vital for organisations to have skilled cybersecurity talents. However, there is a global shortage of such talents. Organisations could counter this by encouraging their existing cybersecurity or IT professionals to upgrade their security skills through SkillsFuture's TechSkills Accelerator (TeSA), suggested Chew.

He added that there will likely be more cybersecurity professionals available in future as most polytechnics and universities in Singapore now offer courses or degrees focusing on cybersecurity.  


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