Guide: How to prepare for a CIO job interview

Leadership, technology, strategy, finance and operations - here are 49 tough interview questions for CIOs

By Tina Nunno
June 24, 2016

CIO interview questions - Key findings

  • When interviewing for a CIO, the hiring executives will focus on determining the candidate's ability to deliver business value to the enterprise.
  • During the interview, focus on the key CIO capability areas of leadership, strategy and planning, technical expertise, financial management, and operational excellence.
  • The most effective interview responses require candidates to provide specific examples of their past accomplishments and explain how they achieved them, not describe their own personal qualities without putting them in context.
  • CIO candidates can use these question sets to prepare for job interviews. This preparation will help ensure that they are focused and well-prepared for even the most challenging interviews.

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Source: CIO UK

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