How CIOs can help close the gender-equity gap

Digital fluency, career mentorship, and technical immersion can help close the pay gap between women and men. Here’s what you can do to improve the workplace of the future.

By Diana Bersohn
June 9, 2017


3. Technology immersion

The opportunity to acquire greater technology and stronger digital skills can alone help to reduce the pay gap by five percent. These valuable skills are critical in the workforce of the future and can lead to better income. For instance, we found that women with a STEM degree are 19 percent more likely to be in a higher paying role.

Women on the fast track to tech immersion have taken a training course in computing or coding (43 percent), have worked for a digital IT company (29 percent), built or launched an app or website (24 percent) or started an online business (20 percent). CIOs can play a primary role in enabling tech immersion by offering digital and technology learning to employees outside of IT. This can take the form of training courses, informational webinars or innovative group activities like hackathons or design thinking “rumbles” (workshops).


Moving toward equality

When combined, these three equalizers could reduce the pay gap by 35 percent worldwide and add $3.9 trillion to women’s income by 2030. However, business and technology leadersmust attract women to the workforce and retain them – it’s an economic imperative. They should also focus on creating working environments that offer opportunities to enhance digital and technical skills, increase digital fluency and participate in learning and career management opportunities that enable women to spring forward and “get to equal” in the workplace.

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