How to inspire the switch from consuming to producing content: Digital Malaysia

As part of Digital Malaysia's all-inclusive strategy, MDEC is calling on Malaysians to support its future generation through the #mydigitalmaker movement.

By AvantiKumar
May 25, 2017

Digitalmaker lead

Photo - Kembara #mydigitalmaker bersama PINTAR - is an initiative to offer mobile learning unit  customised to fit a range of exciting digital making tools as well as information about future digital technology careers and the safe usage of digital technology


  As part of Digital Malaysia's all-inclusive strategy, national ICT agency MDEC is calling on Malaysians to support its future generation through the #mydigitalmaker movement.

Dato' Yasmin Mahmood, chief executive officer of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), explained that the essence of the mydigitalmaker movement within the Digital Malaysia framework is to help Malaysians produce digital content rather than just consume content.

[In exclusive deep dive interviews recently, Yasmin describes more of the Digital Malaysia framework and MDEC's ramping up of national catalytic initiatives. See - Deep Dive into Malaysia's Digital Economy with MDEC CEO Dato' Yasmin Mahmood - Part 1 and Part 2]

The latest chapter of mydigitalmaker is the result of a tie up with the PINTAR Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that runs school adoption programmes. PINTAR has rolled out a mobile learning unit tasked with creating digital education opportunities for some 100,000 students in rural, sub-urban and underprivileged schools.
Supported by the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MoE), the mobilisation of the unit - called  'Kembara #mydigitalmaker bersama PINTAR,' an invitation to travel the digitalmaker road - also includes introducing teachers, parents, and local communities in rural Malaysia to digital making content and tools.

 What is digitalmaker?
"At the rate digital ecosystems are accelerating, careers in digital technology will soon be a large part of Malaysia's future; and filling these highly sought-after positions will be talents that are digital economy ready," said Dato' P Kamalanathan, deputy minister 1, Ministry of Education Malaysia, during his launch ceremony speech at SMK Kompleks KLIA, a #mydigitalmaker Model School (23 May 2017).

Digitalmaker Photo 4

Photo - Group photo of Dato' P Kamalanathan, Deputy Minister 1, Ministry of Education, Tan Sri Sidek Hassan, Chairman of MDEC, Dato' Yasmin Mahmood, Chief Executive Officer of MDEC, team #mydigitalmaker, teachers and students from SMK Kompleks KLIA, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.

 "To achieve this, it is important that we look at the very foundation of our future - our children and educators today," said Kamalanathan.  "The key approach to building a nation of digital makers begins with creating opportunities for students - wherever they may be - and equipping our educators to nurture and polish these untapped talents."
"We have trained close to 20,000 teachers to effectively deliver the new computational thinking and computer science module integrated into the curriculum this year," he said. "We are confident that the teachers are well-equipped to cultivate computational thinking leading to higher order thinking skills amongst our students. In years to come, more teachers will be trained in collaboration with MDEC, universities and other industry partners."

"To echo our Prime Minister at the launch of #mydigitalmaker last year, we want to mobilise this generation of young people with the drive, confidence and know-how, so that they can be the 'makers' of their own technology and innovations we have yet to imagine," said Kamalanathan. "The "Kembara #mydigitalmaker bersama PINTAR" is a brilliant continuation of this national ICT-education initiative, and the Ministry of Education applauds this joined effort between MDEC and PINTAR Foundation for exposing to students and educators all over Malaysia to similar opportunities."

What this phase of digitalmaker wants to achieve
"'Kembara #mydigitalmaker bersama PINTAR' is a bus, customised to fit a range of exciting digital making tools as well as information about future digital technology careers and the safe usage of digital technology," he said.

"The bus will travel to most states throughout Peninsular Malaysia exposing students, teachers and local communities from rural, suburban and underserved schools to digital making opportunities, tools and content. The unit is expected to reach 100,000 students over a period of two years," confirmed Kamalanathan.
Digital technology corporations such as Microsoft Malaysia, Google Malaysia, Digi Telecommunications, Sasbadi, Designex3D, Cytron Technologies, Janalima, Centillion Robotics, Acestar and Maker21 are among the industry partners showing learning modules and content covering robotics, creative animation, virtual reality, apps development, cyber safety as well as 3D printing and modelling in the mobile learning unit.

Volunteers will also be despatched to guide and help students understand the vast ecosystem of digital technology, and facilitate the introduction of Digital Maker co-curricular activities via school clubs, and Digital Maker Hubs in local communities.

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