What does government need to do to influence innovation?

The greatest disrupter to government is transparency and accountability, said a minister.

By Hafizah Osman
Dec. 1, 2016

“Agencies don’t generally like sharing their information and it was quite a bold legislation. We cannot aggressively pursue a digital world unless we have privacy settings in place. On one side of the coin, it’s digital, and on the other side it’s privacy. They have to work in parallel, one cant be ahead of the other.

“So, the stronger we get our privacy settings, the faster we can move into that digital space. We need a mature debate about all these things,” he added.

Dominello also said the hardest thing to change in government is culture – getting people into the mindset of the digital space.

“It’s hard for me to impose this digital world on them. What we need to do is assist in that cultural change. That needs to start in primary schools – getting it embedded there. If we want to be lions of tomorrow, we need to embrace innovation and digital technology. There’s no doubt about that, it needs to start early,” he said.

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