AWS October roundup: Hybrid deployments with Amazon's cloud get a boost

VMware partnership gives Amazon fresh ammo in the cloud wars, while a new service helps move VMs

By Blair Hanley Frank
Nov. 18, 2016

Both of those instance types are also now available in Amazon's Mumbai, Seoul and US GovCloud regions, in addition to the seven other regions worldwide that also run x1 instances. 

AWS opens for business in Ohio

Geographic expansion is the name of the game for cloud providers, and AWS pushed its datacenter footprint forward with the launch of a new US-East region based in Ohio. It's part of a one-two punch of cloud regions available in the eastern part of America, alongside Amazon's longstanding US-East region based in Virginia. 

At launch, the region supports a wide variety of AWS services, including EC2, Elastic Block Store, Aurora, DynamoDB, Snowball, Kinesis and Lambda.

Netflix's former architect goes to work at its preferred cloud provider

Adrian Cockroft made a name for himself as a Cloud Architect at Netflix and then as a Technical Fellow at Battery Ventures. The soft-spoken Brit was a fixture at cloud conferences, and he's now been pulled into Amazon's orbit as its VP of Cloud Infrastructure.

AWS CTO Werner Vogels said in a blog post that Cockroft will be working with product teams, consulting with customers about their cloud architecture, and helping out open-source communities. 

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