AWS partner scores $5.6 million database deal with NSW Govt

XVT Solutions builds and hosts Department of Planning and Environment Portal on AWS cloud.

By Holly Morgan
June 7, 2017

According to Howson, whilst the project was XVT's first engagement with the Department, it was likely that it wasn't the first time the government department had learnt about the company.

"We were a key part of a project in Tasmania for the Land Department there, in a project redeveloping their main information system," he said.

"The project was all about rendering properties on maps and I think that put us in good stead for this project which again, is about properties being displayed on maps."

In this deal, struck in late 2014, XVT's work revolved around two sub-projects, Land Information System Tasmania (LIST) and Data & Services Directory. Both systems were built on top of OpenCMS which is a Java based content management system.

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