City of Monash leaps towards virtualisation and cloud

Requirement to move DR to the cloud part of the reason to revamp systems

By Jennifer O'Brien
July 11, 2016

He said council is slowly seeing the importance and power of mobility.

Next steps

Peatling said now that the infrastructure is up to date (going from six racks in the datacentre down to two), the next step is to analyse applications and move to a digital architecture.

"We are implementing an EDRMS system in the organisation, using HP TRIM. There's been little investment or strategic development in our existing core applications, such as Pathway for our property and rating and other core council applications." As such, he is going through and reviewing modules of core applications and moving towards the latest versions.

But the work doesn't stop there as Peatling has also hatched a new business analyst unit.

"We are trying to bridge the gap between applications and the user and bring those two together so we can develop those applications from a mobility and modular function point of view, looking at process mapping and procedure mapping. By bringing those processes together, we can develop these applications for our internal users."

And while he acknowledged council is in the early stages of its digital transformation push, Peatling said his strategy is to deliver more mobility and enable access to real-time data, and also deliver customer service initiatives.

"What do our customers want to see from council? What can they access online? Or what do they want to access online? Those are some of the things that we are looking at as well."

Council is also getting set to launch a new payments system in four months.

"We are bringing all of our payments on one page and using our e-services internally to do that, and that is something we are putting through the testing regime at the moment. It will be completely different for the end users, our customers to go to one place, make a payment, and set up a one-stop shop for customer service when it comes to payments."

Lessons learned

Looking back over the project, Peatling said it has been a rewarding experience given there's been "massive changes" for the council.

"I came in with a fairly large ICT strategy for the organisation and worked with our executive leadership team to put the strategy in place."

And now that the project is reaping benefits and well underway, Peatling said he is excited to see the changes come into effect."We have achieved a hell of a lot in nine months."

The project is all about people, process and technology, he added.

"Working with our customers internally and externally to see what they want from ICT, looking at their processes and how they do that, and then finding the appropriate technology to actually support them with that - and once we get that across the line we will be in really good shape here at Monash."

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