City of Monash leaps towards virtualisation and cloud

Requirement to move DR to the cloud part of the reason to revamp systems

By Jennifer O'Brien
July 11, 2016

He takes away one major lesson, which is while change can be a struggle and hard to facilitate, the users eventually embrace it and recognise the beneficial uses of the technology.

 "Having really good communication with end users and respecting them is so important. You have to understand that of course end users might not really see the benefits of what we are trying to deliver until we actually deliver, so it is completely understandable when people are hesitant about change. . . I realised that it was me who needed to change. I needed to slow down. As a team, we needed to start working with the users more closely and now we are delivering great outcomes - and now they are asking for further ICT enhancements," he said.

Source: CIO Australia

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