How Deloitte delivered a digital Salesforce experience for the City of Melbourne

Local government authority for central Melbourne deploys Salesforce in pursuit of greater customer centricity.

By Holly Morgan
June 12, 2017

"We are not just a technology implementation house. Deloitte is known for transforming organisations and challenging the status quo.

"We are also about testing what services make sense to digitise - you don't digitise everything for the sake of it. We're always thinking about the end customer, so for us it was really about bringing that approach."

Deloitte's deployment of Salesforce technology - specifically Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce One and Community Chat - demonstrates the increased level of digital investment across Australia.

From a partner perspective, one third of enterprises globally are currently underprepared for the wave of digital transformation impacting the industry, creating new demand for channel partners as C-level strategies screech to a halt.

As reported by ARN, 33 per cent of businesses worldwide remain challenged by the process of replacing legacy networks and dedicated service platforms with a coherent digital environment.

"With any implementation partner it's a cultural fit," Lusito explained. "We are in bed together, we are problem solving together and we are consultants first and foremost."

To kickstart the process, Mazzone said Deloitte helped the City of Melbourne clearly define objectives around architecture and design principles, rather than collecting thousands of requirements for a system.

"We defined those principles and they are sacrosanct to us," she added. "We knew we didn't know a lot about the Salesforce product suite so we embarked on a three-week sprint prototype with a graffiti use case working with local government.

"We then partnered with Salesforce through both the in-house and external team and built the prototype in a sandbox environment."

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In reference to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce One and Community Chat deployments, Mazzone said the new service platform is made up of Salesforce technology for customer log-ins, call service experience and contractor technologies.

"It was a relatable use case with graffiti reporting and it built engagement in the process as well," Mazzone said.

"We launched mobile first step process that customers can engage with, took a photo geo-located and on that one service we now have low abandonment rates.

"They start the service and they complete the service - it takes about one minute and a half."

Another highlight of the initial transformation for Mazzone was the Live Chat deployment.

"It's another channel into our organisation for our customers," she added. "It's a channel that will grow and it gives our customers the ability to engage with us in a way that suits their preferences and at a time that suits them.

"We have a diverse community in the city of Melbourne - including students and residences from different cultural background and it breaks down these other traditional channels such as the call centre phone."

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