How Deloitte delivered a digital Salesforce experience for the City of Melbourne

Local government authority for central Melbourne deploys Salesforce in pursuit of greater customer centricity.

By Holly Morgan
June 12, 2017

Consequently, Mazzone added that the Salesforce deployment will help enable call centre staff to work flexibly.

"It will allow them to work in remote locations - whether that be home based locations - and allows our spread of hours," she explained.

"That will support City of Melbourne's commitment to flexible work practices and we think it will make it a better place to work."

Particularly for Mazzone, the introduction of intelligent services via the implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud is also expected to have an "enormous impact" on customer service.

"As we build our CRM and marketing cloud and create a profile of the customer, we can see what their preferences are and then proactively engage with a resident on the street," she added.

"That is, instead of dealing with a reactive complaint."

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