Redland City Council tackles IT outages with modular data centre

Goal to reduce weather-related outages, increase energy efficiency, and maintain services.

By Jennifer O'Brien
June 5, 2017

Council is also eyeing the GIS spatial capability arena. "This involves huge amounts of data and huge amounts of analytics. Having a hybrid environment, which we'll have - partly cloud and core services in our own data centre - will provide a really good model for delivering services moving forward."

Telehealth is also on the radar, he said, explaining the region has a large Indigenous population - particularly on the islands - and an ageing population.

""We have quite a diverse range of stakeholders in our community. We have an ageing demographic so health is very important to us as well, and the integration of health services - telehealth, specifically, for our islands. We want to make sure that we can work with Queensland Health and other areas to provide support and enabling services as well."  

Source: CIO Australia 

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