Where is the partner opportunity in the public cloud?

The actual costs of managing public cloud services can get out of control if not managed by staff with a specific skill set

By By Chris Player
Sept. 20, 2016

“Cloud does take away a lot of that heavy lifting but people forget that you still have to make sure you are keeping an eye on things. Tech centric organisations such as developers will turn things on and sometimes forget to turn things off," he said.

Valentine said that, in his experience, more often than not, it comes down to types of people rather than types of clients, with those that are spending lower amounts more likely to manage it passively, whereas clients who are spending larger amounts per month are generally more keen for active management.

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“What we see is that there are customers that are going from small usage, where they are letting it run and the usage is not really noticeable, but as they start to scale and start to use the platforms more. That is when they can start to miss that trick, when they need to start doing more active management," he said. "When it is $1000 per month, it does not look that different, but at $20,000 to $30,000 to $40,000 per month, you have to be careful that you are actively managing that spend.

“Amazon’s blessing is that it is cheaper to leave it on than traditional models, but it still costs money, so you have to be thinking about it, and it is not particularly hard to manage. But for customers, they want to focus on what makes them different and great and have someone manage that for them.

“It is something we do every day but for them it is just another task on their laundry list of things they need to get done," he said.

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