WA integrator puts 85 per cent of NSW public schools online

Permeance Technologies drives online engagement through partnership with NSW Department of Education

By Chris Player
July 11, 2016

Cherrybrook Public School is one of the NSW public schools increasing community engagement through its online presence

More than 85 per cent of public schools in NSW have an online presence thanks to a platform developed by Perth-based systems integrator, Permeance Technologies, for the State's Department of Education.

The company's director of sales, Shayne Tanner, told ARN the platform launched in 2011 and has since received positive feedback from the department and individual schools.

"We did all the architecture up front because the technology was new to the department," he explained.

Permeance was chosen for the project due to its platform development capability and pedigree working with a number of state governments.

Tanner said the company was required to complete a number of integration procedures in the development phase to ensure that identity requirements were met.

At the time, the platform received widespread support from schools and teachers groups.

"It is a pretty exciting platform in terms of getting 85 per cent of schools on to it," Tanner added.

The platform is currently in use by 2044 public schools in NSW. Each site a combination of Department of Education content such as curriculum and policies; and the School's own including newsletters, enrolment information, school news, photo and videos galleries and calendars.

The sites can also integrate payments functionality, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Blogs.

Each school pays a nominal fee for a website which includes hosting and support. Using a "website builder wizard" schools can then construct a website which enables them to select colours, formats, plus and content menus and then tailor it to their specific needs and those of their school community.

A spokesperson for the NSW department of education said the Schools Website Service (SWS) platform is in continuous development.

"Most recently the site was updated to include a responsive template that allows parents and users to access a school's website across any device. This is significant to busy parents often accessing the site on their mobile phone," he said in a statement.

"Development will include the use of micro services for such things as Alerts, Push notifications and Social profiles. We will also be looking to rollout functionality such as the Absentee Form, eNewsletter and a SWS Smart Phone App."

The Permeance executive team (L-R) Paul Robinson, Shayne Tanner and Terry Mueller.
The Permeance executive team (L-R) Paul Robinson, Shayne Tanner and Terry Mueller.

Permeance has also worked on a number of projects with the Western Australian Department of Education on a variety of projects for a number of years.

One of these was a portal project to develop a virtual classroom which is connecting teachers, students and parents.

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