Why Malaysia's Sunway University opted for smarter WiFi

The new deployment will serve more than 17,000 students and staff in Subang Jaya campus.

By AvantiKumar
Jan. 13, 2017

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Malaysia's Sunway University has deployed a smart WiFi system, which will serve more than 17,000 students and staff based in a number of buildings at the Subang Jaya campus.

Tan Siao Yuan, senior manager, IT Operations at Sunway Education Group said during the initial stage, tests were completed with a number of WiFi providers.

"We tested for coverage, ease of configuration and performance of switches and controllers," said Tan. "Ruckus offered the strongest WiFi signals in the high-density areas we were testing, and it integrated perfectly with our existing systems."
The deployment by Ruckus Wireless, now part of Brocade, included 450 Ruckus ZoneFlex R700 802.11ac wave 2 Smart WiFi access points (APs) at the University's Subang Jaya campus in Selangor, Malaysia.
"We chose the Ruckus solution because the set-up and maintenance was so much easier than other networks," he added. "The WiFi had to integrate seamlessly into our broader IT environment, and the Ruckus products delivered this."

"We worked closely with Ruckus during the deployment and everything went smoothly through the whole process," said Tan. "Our staff and students are already enjoying the great Wi-Fi across campus."

 Challenges for IT managers
 "We also know that university environments can pose challenges for IT managers, with thousands of students using their own devices on campus to access bandwidth-heavy services," said Michael Lok, managing director, ASEAN at Ruckus Wireless.
  "We also know that students and staff around the world now view stable, secure wireless connections as a standard utility in lecture halls and study rooms and Sunway is clearly committed to delivering that," said Lok.

"The Ruckus Wireless solutions, including the ZoneDirectorTM 5000 controllers, are designed to simplify onboarding and management, and deliver robust connections without compromising security," he said.
Speaking of the equipment selected, Lok said ZoneFlex R700 APs have been designed to provide connectivity within challenging and ever-changing radio frequency environments. "The APs use Ruckus proprietary BeamFlexT adaptive antenna technology, which mitigate radio interference, noise and network performance issues, and improve application flows. This enables increased performance and range, clear video, voice communications and maximized power efficiency."

As part of the Sunway Education Group, Sunway University is a two-campus university in Malaysia, providing high-quality education to more than 16,000 students. More than 1,000 staff and faculty members are also present on site.

This article was first published on Computerworld Malaysia 13 January 2017.