Beacons take baby steps into businesses

Intriguing notions are emerging on how to use the simple Bluetooth location devices for smarter work processes.

By Galen Gruman
Aug. 31, 2016

Perhaps over times beacons will not be so tied to smartphones or tablets but can instead communicate to the network directly. Oh, wait -- that's the internet of things, where intelligent sensors can do exactly that. There's an intriguing possibility that beacons will evolve to handle both people-oriented and IoT interactions and not be so single-purpose as current iOT devices -- rather than stick with Apple's original "dumb device, smartphone" vision. After all, why not have that kind of flexibility in the sensor and control networks you have to deploy and manage? That would be the best of both worlds.

If it happens, enterprise use cases will likely show the way.

Source: InfoWorld

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