Can government really fix the IoT mess?

The vulnerabilities, and dangers, of the Internet of Things are well documented. And a growing number of experts are now saying that the market will not fix them – it will take government regulation

By Taylor Armerding
Jan. 9, 2017

“We are speaking to insurance companies to consider the same on product liability,” he said. “Retailers do not sell products that could hurt a child or made by child labor, why sell and profit from selling products with known vulnerabilities?”

The OTA, he said, will soon publish version 2.0 of what it calls, “The IoT Trust Framework,” which he said is intended to provide, “a tool for developers to develop against, retailers to audit the products they are selling and businesses to use to evaluate the products they purchase.”

Fu said the good news, if there is any, is that serious attention to IoT security could yield significant benefits. “For IoT devices already deployed, take joy that the millions of insecure IoT devices are just a small fraction of what the IoT market will resemble in 2020,” he told the congressional committee.

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