Cyberjaya touted as Southeast Asia's first LoRa smart city

About this time last year, we set out to develop Cyberjaya into a model ‘Smart and Safe City’ through IoT, said Cyberview’s Faris Yahaya.

By AvantiKumar
Aug. 23, 2016

LoRa smart city 

Photo - (From left)   Mahadhir Aziz, Head of Technology Hub Development, Cyberview Sdn. Bhd; Y. Bhg. Dato' Faris Yahaya, Managing Director, Cyberview Sdn. Bhd; Gerard Lim, Chief Executive Officer of Atilze Digital Sdn. Bhd; and Henry Huang, Senior Director, Business Development of Gemtek Technology Co. Ltd.


According to Cyberjaya tech hub enabler Cyberview, Southeast Asia's first LoRa smart city will be in Cyberjaya, Malaysia.

During a recent memorandum of collaboration (MoC) signing at Hotel Istana KL between Cyberview and Yen Global subsidiary Atilze Digital (Atilze), Cyberview's managing director YBhg. Dato' Faris Yahaya said, "About this time last year, we set out to develop Cyberjaya into a model 'Smart and Safe City' through IoT [internet of things]."

"With this collaboration, Cyberview and Atilze will be working together to elevate the city towards being a 'Living Lab' to nurture and grow IoT talents and businesses," said Faris, adding that the partnership will build, operate and commercialise a city-wide long range (LoRa) network in Cyberjaya.

"The most exciting thing about this collaboration is the potential that the LoRa networks represent for developers and solution providers looking to test next generation applications that also generate open data in line with Cyberjaya being Malaysia's Capital of Creation," he said.

In addition, this collaboration strategically positions Cyberjaya as the first smart city in Southeast Asia connected with a city-wide LoRa network, said Faris.

LoRa is a low power, long range, wide area network (LPWAN) technology designed for Internet of Things (IoT) applications and services.

 Smart City concepts

"We invite all ecosystem partners who have ready IoT applications, to work with us and integrate their ready IoT applications to be LoRa enabled, and implemented on Cyberjaya's LoRa network," Faris added.

Also present, Gerard Lim, chief executive officer of Atilze, said, "I believe that by adopting the concept of Smart City Living we will improve the quality of urban living standards, safety for the citizens and efficiency of our community."

"Using LoRa technology, we will enable a cost effective means of implementing viable and relevant IoT applications for Cyberjaya to enhance urban management," said Lim.

The MoC covers a one year period where the IoT applications will be used as pilot project. The collaboration's IoT applications will focus on smart city elements, which include the following:

- Intelligent street lighting to brighten when detecting movement by pedestrians, cars or cyclists;
- Environmental management including temperature, humidity, barometric, air quality monitors;
- Water gauge to monitor water levels in drains, rivers, lakes, dams and water tanks;
- Asset trackers to track public buses operated by Cyberjaya;
- Security systems for both homes and offices; and
- Smart parking solution to locate, reserve and make payment for parking lots.

The partnership also referenced research by Forrester Consulting and the International Data Corporation (IDC), which noted increasing IoT adoption in the Asia Pacific region. In addition, Frost & Sullivan said the total spending for IoT in the Asia Pacific was about US$ 10 billion in 2014, and expected to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 34.1 percent to reach US$59 billion by 2020.