Hong Kong citizens show strong demand for Smart City technologies: HKIRC

Despite that, such products and services still lack in quality, breadth and depth, according to HKIRC’s survey.

By Adrian M. Reodique
Aug. 23, 2016

Hong Kong citizens believe that having a smart city would enhance their quality of life (77.4 percent), help them save time (79.6 percent) and live in a more eco-friendly way (62.4 percent).

This is according to the survey conducted by the Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation (HKIRC) titled "Would Smart Technologies Smarten up Hong Kong?". The survey polled more than 1,300 local Internet users to find out what Smart City means to them and unveil the underlying opportunities for the local business community

Almost three-quarters of the respondents (70 percent) cited their interest to use smart technologies in the future.

More than a third of the respondents (33.5 percent) earning between HK$20,000 and HK$39,999 monthly said they are willing to spend 11 percent or more of their monthly income on smart healthcare/education (38.2 percent), smart living (37.6 percent), smart safety (31 percent), smart finance (29.2 percent), smart mobility (29 percent), and smart utility (27.7 percent).

According to HKIRC, the Hong Kong government has geared up its efforts to make Hong Kong a Smart City. Initiatives include expanding free Wi-Fi services, opening up more public data to facilitate the development of user-friendly mobile applications (apps) for the public, and encouraging the development of Smart Technologies and Solutions to the community.

However, respondents believe the quality, breadth and depth of products and services in Smart Government (36.1 percent), Smart Living (21.3 percent), Smart Mobility (20.8 percent), and Smart Economy (16.8 percent) still need to be improved. Hence a development blueprint is required for Hong Kong to fully realise its Smart City vision.

"The survey results echo the government's spearhead action in Smart City development," said Simon Chan, Chairman of HKIRC, in a press release. "This year's DMP [digital marketplace] demonstrates a strong demand from the public for Smart Technologies, and the business community is ready to launch products and solutions to meet the needs.  We are happy to see that the city has started to emerge itself into a Smart City."