Malaysia's 4th Industrial Revolution: Global energy specialist offers IoT platform

(UPDATED with new CEO interview) In the wake of MIMOS' recent Industry 4.0 initiatives, a global energy specialist has launched an IoT platform for business and industry organisations to help build Digital Malaysia.

By AvantiKumar
May 31, 2017

IMG005 Schneider Electric IoT platform

Photo - (From left) Jean Baptiste, Vice President EcoBuilding, Schneider Electric APJ and Soo Pow Leong, Schneider Electric Country President explain the benefits of a newly launched IoT platform in Malaysia.

It's an open and interoperable platform that features innovation at every level, he added. "The platform will help customers in buildings, grid, industry and data centre sectors implement large-scale, robust and integrated IoT-enabled solutions for sustainable, safe, reliable and efficient operations in the digital age."

Soo said the new platform has taken in recent advancements in IoT, mobility, sensing, cloud, analytics, and cybersecurity technology to meet the core customer challenge of implementing IoT solutions seamlessly, cost-effectively and at scale.

The platform also provides a secure, IoT-enabled technology backbone with three core technology capabilities:

  • Embedded connectivity and intelligence that enables smart sensing, embedded computing, IP networking and data analytics at the edge that allows for monitoring on premise or remotely.
  • The infrastructure for cloud-connected digital services that enables the delivery of cloud-based connected apps, analytics, services, control and monitoring
  • A foundation for connected operations to serve as the building blocks for better control, management, automaton and optimisation

Redefining IoT

He said the nextgen tag has been earned by what is a redefined IoT platform with a comprehensive portfolio of interoperable cloud-connected and on-premise technologies organised around its three layers of technology innovation:

  • Connected Products - The first layer builds on our core competency in developing connected products with embedded intelligence - such as sensors, medium and low voltage breakers and actuators, that are intelligent and transmitting actionable data.
  • Edge Control - This second layer gives organisations the critical capability to manage their operations on-premise and from the cloud, depending on their needs. This includes connected control platforms with remote access, advanced automation and operator override capabilities. Local control and firewall protection is included to maximise the benefits especially for mission-critical applications.
  • Applications, Analytics & Services - The platform allows a range of vendor-agnostic apps, analytics and services on open IP protocols in order to work with any hardware, system, or control.

New skills strategy

The technology is complemented by a new related partner programme strategy for local companies, Soo said.

Soo said that recognising the need to foster new skills, the  EcoXpert Partner programme for Malaysia includes working with partners in the country to develop talent, create deep skills in the field of IoT and create locally-relevant IoT solutions for the business sector and industry customers.

Some local companies such as TMS Energy and Naluri Merpati have already joined to take advantage of Schneider Electric's training and certification in the areas of building control, power management and energy efficiency.

Meanwhile, industry partnerships include Microsoft, as Schneider Electric leverages the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, and Intel's technology to power its sensors and devices, networks and the cloud, he said.
There are other partnerships on the horizon with specialised technology providers like Zuora and industry players like Panasonic, added Soo.

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