Malaysia's 4th Industrial Revolution: Global energy specialist offers IoT platform

(UPDATED with new CEO interview) In the wake of MIMOS' recent Industry 4.0 initiatives, a global energy specialist has launched an IoT platform for business and industry organisations to help build Digital Malaysia.

By AvantiKumar
May 31, 2017

Impact on Malaysia's Digital Economy: rapidfire interview

Shortly after the official launch, Soo delved deeper into how the platform will benefit Malaysia's Digital Economy push in a rapidfire Computerworld Malaysia interview.
"Because of EcoStruxure's 'innovation at every level approach,'  customers particularly in the following areas - commercial buildings, grid, industry and data centre sectors - will be able to implement large-scale, robust and integrated IoT-enabled solutions," he said. "This means IoT [or the Internet of Nano-Things, according to NanoMalaysia in a recent exclusive interview  - See - Securing the Internet of 'Nano-Things,' an exclusive with NanoMalaysia CEO Dr Rezal Khairi Ahmad] can emerge as a major disrupting technology that not only enables great efficiencies but completely new revenue streams and business models."

Why these sectors in the first instance? "Buildings, industry & infrastructure end-users and data centres are all looking to improve performance, efficiency and environmental footprint," said Soo.

"The greatest efficiency gains will come from IT/OT (operational technology) integration where everything from breaker, motor drives and actuators to IT systems is connected through the Cloud to collect data for analysis and actionable business insights, such as knowing which pump to change or when to service air-conditioning before it breaks down and create halt in operations to redesigning business process for better efficiencies," he explained.

"In Malaysia, industrial players and Buildings are the biggest electricity consumers and there is a massive unrealised efficiency potential in traditional, unconnected operations – 82 percent, in buildings and 58 percent in the industry sector," Soo revealed.

"As Malaysian government ramps up the IoT and Industry 4.0 efforts which are expected to contribute RM42.5 billion and RM2 trillion respectively to the economy, create new jobs and develop talent over the next 7-8 years, the timely introduction of EcoStruxure and our EcoXpert Partner Programme will support our customers and partners in Malaysia on their Digital Economy journey," he added.

What's the reaction from government agencies? Soo said the company "hopes to soon establish a strong working partnership with key government agencies to help large Malaysian players embrace digital economy and IoT."
Looking 12 months ahead with the platform, he said: "Firstly, we plan to further develop our ecosystem. As the global energy specialist in energy management and automation, we want to continue to develop and grow the skills of our partners in all three layers of EcoStruxure – Connected Products, Edge Control and Applications, Analytics & Services across 6 domains including EcoStruxure Data Centre, EcoStruxure Plant, EcoStruxure Grid, EcoStruxure Power, EcoStruxure Power, EcoStruxure Building. This will result in positive growth for everyone."
"In addition, we also plan to have 50 percent of all our shipped products connected through EcoStruxure in the next 12 months in an effort to ensure greater customer benefits," said Soo. "With all these plans in the pipeline, we believe that we will realise a double-digit revenue growth from EcoStruxure business in Malaysia."

The latest edition of this article lives at Computerworld Malaysia.

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