Malaysia's semiconductor design sector to step into global markets: MIMOS

A consortium has been formed to drive a community around MIMOS Semiconductor's Integrated Circuit design.

By AvantiKumar
June 1, 2017


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  MIMOS Semiconductor (MSSB), a subsidiary of Malaysia's research agency MIMOS, has formed a consortium, which will drive an Integrated Circuit (IC) Design community, as first step into global markets.

Wan Azli Wan Ismail, who is MIMOS vice president for E&E Sector and MSSB general manager, said that the consortium has six founding members representing various types of IC Design expertise.

He explained that the consortium's intention is to help local IC Design companies grow at a faster rate and that the initiative is "in line with Malaysia's aspiration to move the industry up the value chain. This conglomerate also aims to increase IC Design service exports and job creations."

"MSSB is pleased to be an active member of this consortium, where MIMOS' role will be to accelerate the growth of the IC Design community," added Wan Azli.

The consortium was also expected to help "significantly reduce lower the barriers to entry to international market," he said. "The pool of talent that this consortium brings together would be able to consolidate the expertise and experience that is available in Malaysia."


Wan Azli said the consortium will move to encourage even more local IC Design organisations to join and take advantage of economies of scale in new business ventures, particularly in global Electrical and Electronics (E&E) supply chain.

He added that "the E&E industry is Malaysia's leading sector, contributing significantly to the country's exports (33.4 percent) and employment (23.7 percent)."

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