Public-private collaborations to get Singaporeans Smart Nation-ready

The Singapore government is partnering the industry to ensure that its people are equipped with the right skills to propel its Smart Nation dream.

By Nurdianah Md Nur
June 1, 2016

According to Khoong, NTU Robotics Research Centre is working together with the preschool teachers to develop lesson plans, use cases and robot applications. Teachers are also trained to facilitate the lessons with the use of robots throughout the trial period.

Based on observations and interviews done on the interactions between robots, pre-schoolers and teachers, a report documenting usage scenarios, challenges, considerations and benefits for pre-schoolers and teachers will be produced at the end of the trial. This will provide insights as to how IDA can extend and scale the use of robots to more pre-schools in future.

Commenting on the partnership, Thian Ai Ling, Deputy General Manager of My First Skool said: "This partnership supports a new paradigm for us to plan and design learning and creativity to allow our children to explore and co-construct knowledge.  We know that children blur the lines between playing and learning, hence the opportunity for us with this pilot study is to make learning fun and for play to become knowledge and skills acquisition for our children."

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