Public safety gets a boost with AI

AI won’t completely replace humans but will support human’s decision-making, says Katsumi Emura, Executive Vice President and CTO of NEC Corporation.

By Nurdianah Md Nur
Dec. 6, 2016

To further help law enforcement agencies improve public safety, NEC recently launched an AI software that can quickly and accurately search video footage for a specific individual, even if the person is not pre-registered.

Called NeoFace Image data mining, the solution combines facial recognition technology with Profiling Across Spatio-Temporal Data technology, which creates groups of subjects based on their level of similarity and conducts high-speed searches for specific patterns.

NEC said that the solution could also search for subjects who appear at specific times and locations, or who appear together with other specific individuals. It can thus be used to detect suspects in crime scenes using human flow of frequently witness persons, or searching for lost children.

Humans still have a part to play

NEC's Katsumi Emura
Katsumi Emura, Executive Vice President and CTO of NEC Corporation. Credit: NEC's website

Despite AI's ability to provide better visualisation, analysis and predictions than humans, it won't completely replace humans.

"AI [is a tool] that can support human thinking/decision-making to alleviate the shortage of talent who can deal with social issues that have become increasingly serious and complex," Katsumi Emura, Executive Vice President and CTO of NEC Corporation, told CIO Asia

"AI is good at calculation, detective and repetitive work but it lacks human's common sense. [NEC thus believes that] social issues that are based on decision making, human's sense of acceptance and mutual agreements require AI and humans to collaborate to find solutions that are more precise and acceptable."

"So even though AI will take over many repetitive jobs in future, there will also be a rise in new business models that leverage AI-human collaboration, which will lead to the creation of new professions," he added.

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