SAP HANA picks up speed in Malaysia: exclusive

In an exclusive interview with Computerworld, SAP Malaysia MD Bernard Chiang said Malaysian enterprises are adopting the high-speed data analytics platform across different sectors in tune with the national focus on Big Data analytics (BDA).

By AvantiKumar
April 22, 2015

Bernard Chiang with SAP Malaysia country marketing head Yew Mei San 

Photo - (From left) SAP Malaysia Managing Director Bernard Chiang with Country Marketing Head Yew Mei San


Malaysian enterprises across different sectors are rapidly adopting SAP HANA (high performance analytics appliance) platform as part of a national focus on Big Data Analytics (BDA), said the enterprise software firm.

In an exclusive interview with Computerworld Malaysia, SAP Malaysia's managing director Bernard Chiang said that both the adoption and strong interest from enterprises rested in the ability to optimise costs, while allowing business innovation throughout an organisation.

"Beyond performance, SAP HANA empowers users to build applications and encourage them to further innovate on their business processes," said Chiang. "What users tend to aim for is to move up the business process value chain to increase productivity and operational efficiencies, and quite a number of them have found SAP HANA to be a very powerful business enabler."

"SAP HANA empowers users to be more agile, better aligned, and predictive and our local users span across multiple industries, including manufacturing, transportation, telecommunications, retail and oil and gas," he said, adding that customer confidentiality agreements prevented disclosing their names.

"In other words, with SAP HANA, they have been able to break free of their legacy limitations to realise what were previously business potential processes," said Chiang.  "What's more, with SAP HANA, a number of our customers can now centrally manage, secure, and deploy mobile data, applications, and devices. This is not limited to mobile phones alone, but even tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs."

Chiang said that SAP HANA was the company's platform for next-generation applications and analytics. "The platform converges database and application platform capabilities in-memory to transform transactions, analytics, text analysis, predictive and spatial processing so businesses can operate in real-time."


Yew Mei San - SAP Malaysia

Photo - Yew Mei San, Country Marketing Head, SAP Malaysia


Meanwhile, SAP Malaysia country marketing head Yew Mei San (pic) said that, in Formula 1 Racing, the McLaren-Honda Formula One team will be rolling out SAP HANA later this year to transform the IT infrastructure of the McLaren group. This system will provide an integrated and scalable solution to enable the group to enhance its performance with the aim of winning more races.

"Currently, during each and every race, over three terabytes of data are collected and processed by SAP's systems which can process data 14,000 times faster than the previous solution used to process data. What normally takes a week to process can be done in the span of a pitstop, in the few seconds that the car is in for a tyre change and refuelling," said Yew. "When SAP HANA is implemented, the McLaren-Honda system will be even more powerful and further optimised."

 Moving into academia

Chiang said that SAP HANA adoption has continued to make significant progress into institutions of higher learning. Last month, Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) became the country's first university to emphasise SAP HANA in its curriculum, with practical training for student to also have hands-on experience with SAP HANA.

The opportunity was a result of UTP joining the SAP University Alliances (UA) programme, he said. The alliance, which has more than 2,000 universities, 8,000 professors and 4 million students worldwide, gives members access to SAP resources and the opportunity to engage with the wider SAP community.

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