Seizing digital economy opportunities, Malaysian style

Shaping the future with driverless cars, moon-bound robots, and taste-bud-tricking mobiles that make tofu taste like steak.

By AvantiKumar
Nov. 15, 2016

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Image (Computerworld) - Digital innovations


More than 1700 partners and 'Digizens' gathered to share digital economy opportunities made possible by existing and new digital technologies.
The event included displays of some emerging technologies in the financial services sector, IoT, virtual reality, robotics, artificial intelligence, driverless cars, nanotechnology, and bone-conduction technology.

Speakers outlining potential opportunities included: engineer Mohd Izmir Yamin on developing low-cost robotics to explore the moon; Adrian David Cheok, director of the Imagineering Institute on tricking your taste buds to make vegetables taste like chocolate; founder of Incitement Mohd Zikry Kholil on mobilising social movements with digital crowdfunding; social entrepreneur Dr Rajiv Bhanot on easy access to clean water for rural areas with nanotechnology.
"Digital innovation is disrupting every industry and transforming our way of life every single day," said Albern Murty, chief executive officer of Digi Telecommunications (Digi), which hosted the event.

"Mobile devices and data will continue to play a central role in the future as our customers move to adopt richer, fuller digital lifestyles," said Murty. "The fusion of more powerful devices, fast internet, emerging technologies and customer analytics will see a new wave of services that will not only connect people but businesses, things, homes and every area of life imaginable."

"It's only a matter of time these things will become commonplace, and hosting Digital Day today is a great way to inspire our employees and partners on the possibilities of their and Digi's future in the area of digital," he added.

Moving into new verticals

One of the day's highlights included the Tesla Model S brought in by the Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (GreenTech Malaysia), which also announced its partnership with Digi to encourage adoption of sustainable mobility in the country. This collaboration will see Digi providing Machine to Machine (M2M) connectivity for the first batch of Teslas, with plans to connect more in the future.

Albern Murty - Digi CEO

Photo - Digi's Chief Executive Officer Albern Murty.

Murty also commented on recent acquisitions by parent company Telenor. "We believe we are well positioned to serve our customers and seize growth opportunities in the digital space, leveraging the strength of our core to move into new verticals such as financial services and IoT, and Telenor's global innovation network with acquisitions such as New York-based Ad Tech company Tapad, and licensed money services business Prabhu in Malaysia."
 Part of the exhibition also showed Digi's efforts in digitising its own business and workplace. These include MyDigi app, which it said will be key to its customers' digital journey moving forward, a new retail concept Mobile Sales Agent app as well as 57 square and recent investments in startups such as LocalUsher and Vase, new digital learning platforms to build new skills for its employees, and a refreshed headquarters.