How a CIO can avoid digital team burnout

We look at how a CIO can get the best out of their team in delivering digital technology and avoid a work overload.

By Chloe Dobinson
June 6, 2017

Employees should be given the opportunity to be heard by sharing opinions and asking questions that can affect their roles and the wider business.

By regularly contributing it will get team members involved with projects and the business strategy, making them feel that their opinions are valued.

Team discussions through group lunches, open days and brainstorming sessions can help spark debates and will lead to fresh ideas for the business strategy. What's more, it can provide an open-forum to demonstrate their potential for future promotions. 

To avoid a work overload, CIOs should ensure employees' contributions are voiced and heard in the organisation. This can keep team members engaged, feel supported by their peers while also increasing their loyalty to the business.


How a CIO can avoid digital team burnout: Good equipment

In some organisations, 22% of inefficient digital resources have remained a barrier to a CIO's success, according to the 2016 Gartner survey.

Having the best tools can enable a more effective and productive work culture. CIOs should have the latest updates and practical equipment to ensure employee performance. 

The digital team are all working towards the same shared goal in delivering technology for its customers. Having ineffective resources reflects the organisation and its customer service.

Monitoring resources have been cited by several organisations, and Business Systems Director Peter Williamson has invested in digital equipment and market-leading software to help embed new processes and procedures at Raymond Brown Construction.

"The investment has helped me to move the business more quickly in working towards becoming a lean outfit," he said.

Business Systems Director Williamson has seen the investment encourage adoption of the new technology working throughout every department in the organisation. 

"We are now capable of delivering excellent customer service to our customers whilst keeping the administrative overhead as low as possible. Enabling business change through technology has become infectious within Raymond Brown," he said.

Organisations should monitor digital technology to create a steady workflow in working to accomplish the shared business goal and avoid a digital burnout.


How a CIO can avoid a digital team burnout: Use digital tools

The use of collaboration, task management and open source tools can help CIOs and digital teams to set schedules and manage their workloads.

CIO 100 organisations including YodelMonsoon and Coventry City Council are using task management tools to help create a better engagement with staff and to avoid a digital team burnout.

Task management tools such as Zoho ProjectsBitrix 24 and Trello are great for users managing deadlines through creating task lists and adding project time length.

The shift in power towards digital tools has seen CIOs monitor user workflows, increase engagement and offer better support to help reduce stress levels. Setting a manageable workload through using a variety of tools can help users to schedule tasks and make sure deadlines are met.

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