How a CIO can avoid digital team burnout

We look at how a CIO can get the best out of their team in delivering digital technology and avoid a work overload.

By Chloe Dobinson
June 6, 2017


How a CIO can avoid digital team burnout: Feedback and recognition

Regular engagement with the team holding feedback sessions and appraisals can help boost an employee in their role.

This can be a great chance to reassure, recognise or solve a problem the individual may have regarding their work.

A CIO should recognise their digital team's work and note any recent successes and accomplishments they have achieved. Being open and honest with the team can make them feel valued in their role and stay loyal to the organisation.

Recognising the talent and accomplishments of their digital team have been cited by several CIOs, and Global CIO David Smoley, has ensured feedback plays a "considerable importance" from all levels at AstraZencaUK.

"I and the IT leadership team take part in regular face-to-face town hall meetings where employees come together to discuss and share information and feedback," he said.

Global CIO Smoley, shares his advice for starting CIOs on how to ensure to get the best from their digital team and avoid a work overload.

"I use quarterly 360 sessions with my direct reports as well as my stakeholders with mentoring of very junior staff," he said. "I have sought feedback and reflections, which can ensure I continue to role-model good leadership behaviour in being inclusive at all levels of the organisation."


How a CIO can avoid digital team burnout: Assigning tasks

A challenge for CIOs has seen 29% of the digital leaders taking on too many responsibilities. CIOs need to assign and delegate tasks according to their team's skills and expertise.

In collaboration through supporting and working to one another's strengths  a CIO can ensure a steady and efficient workload within their team. This can motivate the digital team in working towards a shared goal and avoid digital burnout. 

Source: CIO UK 

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