How partners can help CIOs build trust in digital government

Governments have a comparably low appetite for technology-based risks.

By James Henderson
Jan. 16, 2017

“It often pays to have a communication strategy in place where the possibility of a setback is known in advance.

“This mitigates any perception of panic that can simply add to the sense of ‘crisis’ rather than a ‘bump in the road’.”

4. Proactive risk management

Lacheca believes perspective on risk is one of the “fundamental differences” between government agencies and the private sector.

“Agency executives are not driven by a desire for growth or shareholder return, like their private-sector counterparts,” he said.

Implementing “fail fast” approaches by backing agile delivery practices with formal reviews at crucial stages by executive leaders ensures there is an opportunity for executive leaders to feel they are closely involved.

“Maintaining an ongoing dialogue on risk should allow the CIO to keep the digital government program on track, and build confidence that any setbacks are under control and within expectations,” Lacheca added.

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