Smart Communications transforms employees into brand ambassadors

The telco equipped its employees with a mobile app that empowers them to promote products and services as well as provide customer care, regardless of their roles in the company.

By Adrian M. Reodique
Aug. 3, 2016

Smart also used lightweight server-side logic to expose systems of records in a mobile-friendly way, as part of its efforts to ensure that CARA can be easily integrated with the company's existing backend system.

In terms of managing security, Smart said it only stored key information relevant to capturing the full details of transactions in its local storage and client-side databases. Sensitive information such as scanned documents containing subscribers' information are not stored on any local storage.

How CARA works

Made exclusively available to Smart employees, the CARA mobile app is designed to have a "simple but highly usable means of capturing customers' requests and reporting cases", said Smart.

When an employee opens the app, he/she will be greeted by a landing page which provides options on how the application can be of assistance. For instance, if the "help me choose a plan" option is selected, the app will present a series of questions on the customer's estimated daily SMS, voice and data usage. Once the employees has keyed in the responses, the app will analyse the answers and recommend plans that meet the customer's needs. The app will also display a list of smartphones that may be bundled with the chosen plan.

To subscribe to the desired plan and smartphone, the customer will need to fill in and sign an electronic application form. He/she will also need to submit a photo of any legal proof through the mobile app using the camera function of the employee's smartphone.

If the application is successful, the mobile app will display a confirmation page with the reference number generated from Smart's CRM system. This allows Smart's customer care agents at its call centres and retail stores to access the same agreement/application during follow-ups.

CARA is also equipped with a tracker that allows employees to track a customer's application status from the approval stage to the delivery and activation of the service. Employees will receive a push notification if there are any changes in their client's application status.

Besides that, the mobile app allows Smart's employees to file and direct customer complaints to the proper internal channel for a speedy resolution. Similar to the phone plan application status, Smart's CRM system will generate a reference number for every complaint so that every customer service channel will always have the same up-to-date view of a case. The employee will also be alerted when the status of their client's issue changes.

Impacts of the CARA app

According to Smart, CARA has enabled its employees to "live the brand" by empowering them - regardless of their roles or position in the company - to provide excellent customer service, which ultimately drives value to the business in the long term.

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