Obama’s plan looks to revolutionize healthcare

The Precision Medicine Initiative seeks to develop a vast database of patient information to enable researchers to gain new insights into diseases and tailor individualized treatment.

By Kenneth Corbin
Feb. 29, 2016

Private sector committed to help government improve healthcare

In addition to the government moves, the White House announced more than 40 commitments from private-sector groups that broadly aim to help patients understand their health information and share it for research purposes, enhance privacy and security, and develop tools to open data sets to encourage access and innovation. Those commitments include a host of promises from various healthcare players to expand access to certain sets of data, improve the interoperability of health IT systems, and expand education and training in data science and other areas where expertise is key to achieving the promise of precision medicine.

And the administration sees tremendous potential in the effort, a point David Edelman, special assistant to the president for economic and technology policy, underscored Thursday afternoon at an event at the New America Foundation, a Washington think tank.

"Precision medicine is a classic example of an area where advances in technology, and advance in appropriate use of data and data science, can dramatically accelerate -- in this case -- innovations that save lives," Edelman said.

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