DXC Technology has a long way to go: Marshal Correia

We are thriving on change and enabling our clients for the digital journey, says Marshal Correia of DXC Technology.

By Sejuti Das
June 6, 2017

DXC Technology has a long way to go: Marshal Correia

DXC Technology, the new organisation created by the merger of CSC and HPE, is looking to grab impressive first year figures by positioning itself as an independent, end-to-end IT services company. It aims to deliver everything from cloud and application services, to security and mobility.

Fortified by a roster of close to 6,000 enterprise and public sector clients, the company will focus heavily on digital transformation.

In a conversation with ChannelWorld IndiaMarshal Correia, Managing Director, India Sales & Coverage Leader at DXC Technology reveals the company is "new, but not born yesterday".


What is DXC Technology's business objective for the Indian market? What are your strategic priorities?
DXC Technology, born from the CSC-HPE services merger, is an independent services company. The brand co-relates with our mission, where 'X' stands for the force multiplier, which is going to lead our clients through their digital transformation. Although it is a brand new company, there is a huge legacy behind it. It has now developed a new operating model-build, sell and deliver, for a seamless client experience.

We have nine offering families-including workload and cloud, security, analytics, application modernisation, and consultation which help our customers with their digital journey. The aim is to bring in the best-of-breed solutions as per our clients' requirements.

In addition to exclusive IP for sectors like insurance, healthcare and transportation, we are also diving deep into aerospace, defense, automotive, chemical, communications, media, consumer products, retail, energy, and manufacturing. We see tremendous long-term growth opportunity in India to help customers thrive on change.


How different is the DNA of this new entity as compared to HPE services and CSC?
Although this new entity has been created by merging two legacy companies, it is an independent end-to-end services company. We are typically building upon what we had previously, but are looking at enhancing our business by maximising the scale of our partnerships in the market.

Our focus on digital transformation will give us a chance to drive more revenue from the CSC installed base. Our technology independence, extensive partner network, and talented and skilled manpower are our core differentiators. We are clubbing the offerings of both the companies and have built a new set of offerings portfolio perfectly aligned to the Indian market.


What is DXC's services strategy and how does it stand out in the market?
The services market is fundamentally changing. DXC believes that services are going to be delivered on a much different basis, with much more of an exponential curve than a linear one.

All businesses are looking to change the dynamics of their module. They are aggressively working towards growing their revenue, mitigating risks, and cutting costs, therefore moving towards cloud and the hybrid infrastructure.

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