DXC Technology has a long way to go: Marshal Correia

We are thriving on change and enabling our clients for the digital journey, says Marshal Correia of DXC Technology.

By Sejuti Das
June 6, 2017

The power of our portfolio, the skills and the scale, the partnership framework, and being an independent technology company differentiates us from our competitors. Our goal is to produce greater value for clients, partners and shareholders, along with compelling career opportunities for our people.


How is DXC solving today's skills gap?
Skills have always been the number one challenge for us. Most businesses in technology-intensive industries do not have the talent for digital transformation and are not ready to pursue it. Therefore we are figuring out how to get them, build them, partner with them and get them on board rapidly.

We expect to see an increase in CAGR in the digital market by 2020. Our focus on digital transformations will mean a shift in the talent mix as well. Currently, 75 percent of our current roles focus on more traditional technology solution delivery and the remaining 25 percent on next-gen technology. But in the next few years, those next-gen roles will comprise about half of our workforce.

We are strongly focusing on people, skills and new ways to source talent, especially contractors who prefer to work for themselves. The company is also investing in growing the company's next-gen talent, which will focus heavily on the skills aspect that can deliver digital transformation projects. Additionally, we are trying to bridge the massive gap between what needs to be done and how it needs to get done.


What are your plans for the Indian market and globally? 
Our strategies for the Indian and the global market are well aligned. The best part is that we have a significant global delivery footprint, which we are currently leveraging.

We are thriving on change and enabling our clients for the digital journey. The new plan is to expand our IP to new sectors such as insurance and healthcare, which are now available to us and we are planning to take them to our clients.


What is DXC's outlook for public-sector spending? What are the future technologies DXC is betting on?
Public sector has always been our forte and we continue to work on that aspect. We participate in several projects by the central government and different state governments, along with projects on e-governance, e-procurement, e-health, and Health Management Information System (HMIS). The public sector is definitely an important segment for us and we like to believe that this spending will rise in future.

Currently, we are not planning for any major M&A and would rather like to work on making DXC Technology as operationalised as possible. As a part of the revenue growth strategy, we might go for a few 'tuck-in' acquisitions, which will help in expanding our digital offerings.

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