Exclusive: How a Malaysian manufacturer is using transformation to go global

Computerworld Malaysia talks to TS Plastics' Vincent Oh on the importance of gaining full 'visibility' from any digital transformation implementation.

By AvantiKumar
Jan. 24, 2017


Photo - Sabby Gill, Executive Vice President for Epicor International

Computerworld Malaysia then asked Epicor's Sabby Gill (pic above) for his take on this year's operating environment and what digital strategies manufacturers should adopt.

Having real-time access to data on inventory, production and assets, accounting, and other key business processes helps business increase visibility. It also means that they can be more flexible and able to adjust their supply chain to support growth.

Without the right visibility, manufacturers risk overwhelming their operations, potentially damaging product quality and customer service, which could severely affect the business. 

With a modern ERP system in place, manufacturers can become better equipped with the right information to make well-informed business decisions, optimise internal efficiency, increase the speed and standard of production, and deliver quality products on time and at the right price.

In your interactions with customers in the region, do you feel enough attention is being given to transformation and automation in the manufacturing sector compared with other industry sectors?

Today, most manufacturers in the ASEAN region are facing the same challenges. These include low productivity, rising labour costs and a relatively low base of digital infrastructure adoption and innovation. In addition, less than one-third of Malaysian process manufacturers deploy an ERP system.

A common misconception in this region is that digital transformation is costly and only an option for the larger manufacturers. However, there are many solutions today that cater to small and medium-sized manufacturers - and can provide great benefits to manufacturers. This is why Epicor launched Cloud ERP in the Asia-Pacific region early last year, particularly targeting SME manufacturers thanks to its low cost of implementation, ease of upgrading and the ability to streamline IT resources.

Why did TSP opt for your ERP solution?

Epicor ERP offers the industry-specific functionality and flexibility our customers need to support a modern manufacturing environment, and it's backed by a team of industry experts focused on providing exceptional service. By relying on Epicor ERP to streamline business operations and improve collaboration, TS Plastics will be able to focus its time and energy on growing their business.

A particular feature that TS Plastics has benefitted from is Epicor XL Connect, which helps them generate reports faster and more accurately- boosting productivity and efficiency.

We also have a deep understanding of the manufacturing industry and a manufacturer's needs based on more than 40 years' experience. Our objective is to remove the barriers to ERP deployment by making technology simple while helping to make sure investment in technology is for the right reasons. We want make sure our customers ask themselves the important questions about what they want to achieve before making these investments, and how they are going to use the technology to find the next growth opportunity.

The first version of this article appeared on Computerworld Malaysia 24 January 2017.

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