Is OT the secret to HDS' growth in the transformation age?

During a Kuala Lumpur briefing, HDS’ Russell Skingsley and Wee Kai Teck review 2016 and look ahead to continuing disruption in 2017.

By AvantiKumar
Jan. 23, 2017

Hitachi infrastructure project

Image (CCL Hitachi) - Example of an Hitachi OT transformation project


Despite some unpredictabilities in the current global environment, HDS (Hitachi Data Systems) has presented a positive outlook for 2017 in Asia and Malaysia.

During a recent briefing in Kuala Lumpur,  Singapore-based Russell Skingsley, who is the infrastructure and storage solutions company's  chief technology officer, Solutions and Products Group leader & head of Presales for Asia Pacific, joined Malaysia managing director Wee Kai Teck to outline a 2016 performance review as well as pointed out some key trends for the coming year.
Both Skingsley and Wee pointed to HDS' strong double digit growth in the region including Malaysia in 2016.  Digital transformation (DX) efforts in the region have certainly moved on in the last year or so, said Skingsley. "We are still in the initial phases of transformation in Asia and DX will continue to be a key industry driver in the year ahead."

HDS WEE Kai Teck

In his Malaysia report, Wee (pic above) attributed this growth to "major local infrastructure transformation initiatives especially in the banking sector. In the last 18 months, GLCs (government linked companies) and conglomerates have also undertaken transformation projects to keep them competitive in an increasingly disruptive economy."

"In addition, refresh and upgrade (especially of SAP systems) is feeding business here," he added. "We have worked quite a fair bit with backup solutions providers and meeting the demand for data archiving projects."

Speaking of social innovation, Wee said this has proved "to become an up and coming driver and the parent company Hitachi is organising insight group events on this theme in the region this year including Malaysia."

However, he sounded a note of caution for the industry in Malaysia this coming year. "The new year, 2017 will be another interesting and, perhaps uncertain, year for Malaysia. There are some uncertainties such as possible effects of Trump as the new US president, the UK's intention towards a 'hard' Brexit, and the strong possibility of a Malaysian general election. The local banking sector, which as I mentioned has been a major driver of transformation projects, has now achieved many of its large scale projects so demand may not be so high from banks this year. HDS has worked with couple of banks and hopes to build on this. Maybank and Public Bank has done a refresh, and RHB and CIMB are in planning state."

"Overall, it's a difficult year to predict for Malaysia from our perspective," said Wee. "A lot does ride on the timing of the local general election - the public sector is trying to move and close projects rapidly before an election while the private sectors may not be so impacted by the timing."

"However, we do want to deliver high end storage, and there is a huge opportunity in object storage in Malaysia and across the region via scalable content platforms," he said.

The OT key

Skingsley (pic below) echoed the company's positive outlook in Malaysia and the region. "A centralised data hub can run analytics resonates with all of our customers. This is helping to drive double-digit growth across the region and includes Malaysia.

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