From the US, General Mobile joins the 'pure' Android family in Malaysia

The demand for quicker availability of the latest Android updates attracts another mobile device company to Malaysia.

By AvantiKumar
July 12, 2017

GM 5 - General Mobile

Photo (credit: General Mobile) - GM 5 Plus


  The demand for quicker availability of the latest Android updates in Malaysia is one of the attractors for a US-headquartered mobile device company, a Google Android One partner, to enter the local market. 

General Mobile, which operates in 30 countries, has just made its debut in Malaysia by introducing the GM 5 Plus, an Android One smartphone developed by Google.

Sebahattin Yaman, chairman of the Board of General Mobile, commented: "We recognise the Malaysian demand for a 'Pure Android' smartphone that is simple, affordable yet powerful."

The last officially published report by national regulator MCMC (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission) of mobile phone penetration in 2015 stood at 140.2 percent and showed signs of continued rapid growth, underpinned by increasing mobile internet usage.

"This is our second smartphone with Google's Android One programme and our partnership is about delivering the best level-priced smartphones that is attainable for anyone the most successful Android One brand," added Yaman

Google's Android One partnership programme's plan is intended to offer affordable stock Android powered phones.

The GM 5 Plus runs latest Android 7.1.1. Nougat and is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor.

Yaman said local firm KWS Distribution has been appointed to lead sales of General Mobile products across Malaysia.

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