"NBN tax" set to be passed on to end users

High-speed internet providers get approval to pass on the proposed Regional Broadband Scheme charge to end customers.

By Chris Player
May 26, 2017

The ACCC said the aggregate price payable will vary by retail service provider (RSP) depending on the average amount of aggregation capacity that a RSP purchases per port.

Telstra's fibre network prices for 2017-18 are $16.03 per port per month (Zone 1) and $21.10 per port per month (Zone 2) and $29.27 per Mbps per month for aggregation.

An RSP will also have to purchase Telstra's wholesale line rental service, which is an additional $20.69 per month.

"We expect that these price changes will help deliver better service performance for customers of non-NBN networks as they will allow retailers to provide faster services at a lower average price," Sims said.

The ACCC added that the very small providers of some high-speed internet services, supplying less than 12,000 customers, will not be regulated under this decision on the basis that it would apply an unreasonable burden to them with little benefit to customers.

Terms set in the final decision only apply if access providers and access seekers cannot reach their own commercial agreements on prices and other terms for the relevant services.

Source: ARN 

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